Muay Thai For Life 9.0

Scandinavias biggest Muay Thai event is back in Stockholm!



date fight location
2018-04-21 Fighter vs Fighter Gaerdehov Icehockey Arena
2018-01-27 Fighter vs Fighter Arena Riga, Riga
2017-04-22 Fighter vs Fighter Sporthallen, Sundsvall
2016-12-03 Fighter vs Fighter Arena Armeec, Sofia
2016-09-10 Fighter vs Fighter Hovet, Stockholm
2016-04-23 Fighter vs Fighter Johanneshov, Stockholm
2015-12-19 Fighter vs Fighter Rosvalla Arena, Nyköping
2015-09-19 Fighter vs Fighter Rosvalla Arena, Nyköping
2015-06-20 Fighter vs Fighter Ballerup Super Arena, Ballerup
2015-05-19 Fighter vs Fighter Hovet, Stockholm
2015-04-19 Fighter vs Fighter Johanneshov, Stockholm
2015-03-20 Fighter vs Fighter Rosvalla Arena, Nyköping

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Previous events: The Muay Thai For Life Series Championship event 1.0 were outplayed in October 31 2021. MTFL 1.0 featured a ONE Championship contracted fighter in Norwegian superstar Anne-Line Hogstad. The Muay Thai For Life Series Championship event 2.0 were outplayed in March 5 2022. MTFL 2.0 also featured a lightweight matchup with former Swedish champion Sam Ghoroghi.The Muay Thai For Life Series Championship event 3.0 were outplayed in September 10 2022.MTFL 3.0 and featured fan-favourite Nicholas Bryant.


Who we are & what we do

Muay Thai For Life is here to stay and the series is just getting started.

Muay Thai For Life Series is a leading Muay Thai promotion based in Gothenburg, Sweden that’s putting on some of the world’s most qualitative professional events live on DAZN – the premier streaming platform for fight fans worldwide.

Founded in 2021, MTFL quickly established itself as the biggest Muay Thai show in Scandinavia by matching up top-tier talent in the ring and creating a modern environment to amplify the viewer’s experience, regardless if you’re attending the events in person or tuning in from the comfort of your home.



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MTFL seeks to elevate the sport of Muay Thai one event at a time and make it more accessible for new fans. By organizing a growing number of world class shows each year and investing in up-and-coming prospects, we’re also providing much-needed opportunities for professional fighters to build their names and take their careers to the next level.



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