Muay Thai For Life 8.0

Welcome to Muay Thai For Life, Scandinavia’s most talked-about martial arts event. On May 25th at the historic Rondo-Liseberg, we are hosting Muay Thai for Life (MTFL) 8.0, a professional Muay Thai event featuring Swedens top fighters clashing with international challengers in the ring.

Indulge in food and drinks crafted by Rondo’s fantastic chefs and bartenders while experiencing world-class Muay Thai. This will be an action-packed evening with fighters like Amir El-Dakkak, Zvonimir Kralj, Sam Ghoroghi, Lisa Larsson, and many more stepping into the ring to battle for respect and provide you with a night you’ll never forget.

MTFL 8.0 is an exclusive event with a limited number of tickets, so be sure to secure your spots today.

The matches kick off at 4:30 PM with a local derby featuring Gothenburg’s finest. No less than 10 fighters from various clubs across the city will compete to determine who reigns supreme in Muay Thai. Shortly after the derby, we will host international professional bouts with some of the world’s top Muay Thai fighters.

The evening’s Main Event features an international showdown between Sweden’s Anton ‘Pain City’ Sjöqvist and the multiple-time world champion Youssef Assouik from Denmark/Morocco. Check out their previous matches on the MTFL_Series YouTube channel.

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Muay Thai for Life 8.0 Fightcard:

Good to know

• Date: May 25

• Location: Rondo-Liseberg (https://www.google.com/maps/dir//Örgrytevägen+5,+402+22+Göteborg/@57.6971896,11.9899337,16z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x464ff39dbbc71a0d:0xddffae647c14ebcb!2m2!1d11.9925086!2d57.6971868?entry=ttu)

• Doors Open: 4:00 PM

• First Match: 4:30 PM

• Last Match: approximately 9:30 PM

• Age Limit: 18 years (recommended age limit with a guardian, 13 years)

• Rondo has full food and beverage rights.


• Standing: 495 SEK (Enjoy hanging out with all fans on raised tiers just behind ringside).

• Balcony Seat: 645 SEK (Numbered seating with great views of the venue).

• Ringside: 895-1295 SEK (Numbered seats as close as 2.5 meters from the boxing ring).

• VIP: 1995 SEK

Enjoy a more luxurious evening on the VIP balcony, offering the gala’s most immersive seating experience, complete with a 3-course dinner.

 Appetizer – Shrimp salad on dark rye bread

 Main Course – Fried beef fillet, spring vegetables, Pommes Anna, red wine sauce

 Dessert – Chocolate cake with whipped chocolate cream and raspberries.

 Dinner served around 6:00 PM

Bar Menu

Hamburger: 135 SEK

Chicken Wrap: 120 SEK

Vegetarian Wrap: 120 SEK

Chips: 30 SEK

Olives: 30 SEK

Wine Package with aperitif: 495 SEK


Wine for the appetizer

Wine for the main course

Dessert wine