Netflix star Dada Bozela receives MTFL lifetime achievement award!

In the spirit of sportsmanship, great accomplishments and taking the core values of Muay Thai to
heart, we at Muay Thai for Life are both pleased and honoured to present the first ever MTFL
Lifetime achievement award to Dada Fungula Bozela!

It was during this weekend’s MTFL 8.0 where Bozela received the award, just before the start of the co-main event.

In a true testament to the cleansing effect of combat sports, Bozela encapsulates the greatest and
most important virtues of martial arts. Coming to Sweden as a child of immigrants, Bozelea dealt
with an uphill battle from the start, growing up in a rough area that could easily lead one down a
dark path in life.

Despite having the odds stacked against him, Bozela made the right decision when he found and
began training Muay Thai – something that would prove to be a life changing moment. Through
Muay Thai Bozela didn’t let himself get distracted by negativity but instead chose a path of hard
work, discipline and respect, which would dictate his life and lead him to great success.

While he may have gained fame by portraying a gangster in the hit Netflix series “Snabba Cash”, Bozela is proof that the honourable path is the most sustainable one and he lives a great life today due to the athletic choices made as a youth.

Today Bozela stands as a successful actor, media personality and a testament to the saving grace
that Muay Thai and martial arts provide by putting in the work and not cutting corners. He is an
inspiration, a man of many talents, a Thaiboxer and the first to receive the MTFL Lifetime
Achievement award.

We at Muay Thai for Life salute Bozela and give recognition for the positive inspiration he instills
to youths who are currently growing up in hardship, for this we give eternal thanks.

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