World champ Youssef Assouik ready for dominant return: “There is no one like me”

Throughout the years Danish-Moroccan Muay Thai world champion Youssef Assouik has truly made a name for himself as one of the best Muay Thai fighters in Europe, his many feats of greatness solidifying his place atop the Nordic rankings.

Now he’s ready for a fight that could prove to be pivotal to Assouik’s career and one which could send him skyrocketing to the top.

Looking to move to 3-0 in MTFL: “In my hometown”

Photo: Chris Önnerby

This Saturday, May 25th, Assouik returns at Muay Thai for Life 8.0 for his third fight in the promotion, hoping to secure another big win and to use it propel himself to ONE Championship. Facing rising star Anton “Pain City” Sjöqvist in the main event, it’s a classic battle between Sweden and Denmark.

Despite the rivalry between Sweden and Denmark Assouik feels nothing but comfort and content heading into a pivotal bout with high stakes.

“I’m glad to be back in Muay Thai For Life, it’s a great promotion, Youssef Assouik tells MTFL. When I fight in Sweden it feels like home. So it feels like I’m going to fight in my hometown.”

There’s good reason for Assouik’s confidence, however.

In his promotional debut at MTFL 3.0 Assouik faced Magnus “Crazy Viking” Andersson – a European and World silver medalist as well as a fighter who has competed in ONE Championship. While the fight on paper presented itself as a closely contested match up, Assouik put on an absolute clinic, battering his Swedish foe and nearly getting a finish.

In the end Anderssons legendary toughness prevailed and he managed to stay in the fight, though Assouik had won the Nordic derby and made a statement to all potential challengers.

Assouik would then go on to further carve out his spot atop the rankings by defeating Spanish standout Nicolas Mendes at MTFL 4.0. It was a bout where the Danish-Moroccan would have to prove his championship mettle, recovering from getting dropped with an elbow, only to take over the fight en route to a solid decision win.

Waiting for a (third) call from the big leagues

Assouik’s two impressive performances in MTFL only highlight his already lengthy list of achievements.

Aside from several Danish and Nordic titles Assouik is also IFMA Jr World Champion, 2015 Scandinavian Champion, 2015 WKN World Champion, 2016, 2017 & 2018 ISKA Champion, 2021 European ISKA Champion and 2022 IFMA World Champion, to name just some of the many titles he holds.

Just listing Assouik’s credentials in one breath requires a swimmers lung capacity.

This prompts questions as to why ONE Championship haven’t come calling but the shocking truth is they already have – twice even.

“I have received two offers from ONE, so we are in talks, it’s all about timing. For me it’s step by step, the next goal is on Saturday.”

That poise and patience speaks volumes for the duality that Assouik embodies. While he is on one side serene, balanced and peacefully in tune with himself and his surroundings, his other side is that of a calculated, violent technician, using every weapon available to send his opponent crashing to the canvas.

Though both Assouik and Sjöqvist competed at MTFL 3.0, the Danish-Moroccan is blissfully inattentive in regards to the dangers and skills his opponent presents.

“I have never studied my opponents before so I’ll find out more about him after one round, if he survives.”

A main event for the ages

The dice have been cast, the stage is set and all that awaits is for the fights to begin on Saturday night.

While Assouik places the focus solely on himself, he has an opponent who is more than willing to dig deep and push through. After all, Sjöqvist wasn’t just given the nick name “Pain City” – he earned it.

After coming up short in his MTFL debut against Mustafa Aboutaka – who would go on to become World Champion in Muay Thai 2023 – Sjöqvist turned things around as now sits on a three fight winning streak in the promotion.

Having beaten Dalian Dawoody, Marcus Sundin Liljedorff and most recently Luke Bennett, Sjöqvist is definitely on a hot streak.

Facing up to that is the ice-cold Assouik, who stands unwavering in the face of the toughest challenges. Much like his opponent earned his nick name, Assouik earned the his stoic calm and self belief through countless hours at the gym and a bountiful amount of victories inside the ring.

“There is no one like me, my style is unique. “

Returning in what could very well be his final fight in Sweden, depending on where the fight propels the victor, Assouik is planning on giving the fans a performance they will never forget.

“The fans can expect an Assouik who has spent many hours training to deliver a big show. I’m ready for anything!”

Being ready is an understatement for Assouik, who works meticulously in his training camps, honing his skills and sharpening his already deadly weapons.

While both Assouik and Sjöqvist are ready to leave it all inside the ring in hopes of securing victory, the biggest winners may very well be the fans who have the privilege of seeing this epic Nordic battle.

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